Baby Love [Let’s Party]

26 Apr

Readers of the blog will recall my good friend and party accomplice, Selina. She is the party planner extraordinaire who has thrown a party for pretty much everyone and every occasion. Happily, Selina is expecting just added now has (sorry, this has been a draft since December) an adorable addition to her little family! Something that fantastic has to be celebrated in a manner befitting a party pro.


Her twin sister, Anissa, our intrepid party coordinator and I set out planning months in advance. My first mood boards reflected the ethnic looks that Selina loves, but we landed at more of a nouveau country mix of pinks, hearts and doilies. And elephants, because who doesn’t love elephants? Pretty, traditional with a twist.

For me, the twist came in the form of ombre vinyl heart walls. If I had a dollar for every time I tried to explain that concept to blankly confused faces, I’d have a lot of dollars. A lot. Now I have a kinda blurry photo, and that really helps. It was overwhelmingly lovely in person, just take my word for it.


I started cutting the hearts on the Silhouette, but there was far too much waste of precious vinyl resources (2 Silhouette pinks and a pink Contact paper). It wasn’t long before I was hand tracing and cutting the hearts to double what I could get out of the rolls. It was definitely worth the hand cutting and application straight off my red-eye flight.


Just to spread the love around, I set my Mom to work creating coffee filter flowers. I dyed a Costco-sized sleeve of them and popped them in the mail to make her task a little easier. She worked for at least a month folding, stapling and fluffing until she had two trash bags full of lovely pink blooms.

They were fashioned into a heart-shaped welcome wreath, giant heart over the dessert table and a lighted garland over the fireplace.

welcome wreathpuff heart


We got busy spray-chalking hearts along the path to the door the day-of, and I also decided we needed a heart welcome mat for the front door. Again, Mom to the rescue. It hardly seemed right to me to pack it in my suitcase, so I sent my Mom to IKEA for a mat that she set to work prettying up. Honestly, the front door became the best spot for photo ops!

heart pathheart mat

The morning of, my sister and I ended up making a swag of ombre pink streamers to cover the entry way. All the staple-gunning was enough to terrify the kids and the dogs, but I think the final awesome effect made it worth all the tears, whether the photos do it justice or not.


What I thought was a sure sign of success, Selina wanted to take home the mat, wreath and giant heart to welcome her sweet baby home for real. Since the shower, the welcome wreath and mat have greeted visitors to the nursery. And, this past weekend, all of the decor was pulled out and used again for her baby dedication. A neighbor then spotted the coffee filter flowers and has claimed them for a future party of her own!


Happy New Year!

7 Jan

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s only a week in, so I can still get away with saying that. Hopefully you’re all on track for a fantastic 2013. Maybe you have some grand plans leading you in that direction? If so, please share. Personally, mine are a little wobbly. After about 3% luck keeping to my 2012 resolutions, I don’t think I will try for that again.


I did lay out some goals for myself and convey them to friends and coworkers in the hopes they would keep me honest. The shopping budget of 2012 went nowhere fast, so this year I just said that until I have worn all of my scarves, I can’t buy a new one. And in true junkie style, I went on a scarf-buying-binge in the ramp up to December 31.

I’d also like to stay creative and crafty outside of friends’ showers/parties. When I cast my mind back to  college and the days of pen pals, I used to do some really fun, creative stuff. I think I’ll get back into that with a joint goal of diversion and actually using some of my craft stash.

Speaking of stashes, I have a stash of, well, everything. I’m going to attempt to curb some of my maximalist tendencies. Hoarding starts somewhere, and I think I’m there.

Oh, and how about I do a better job of sharing all of these things?! Maybe I should share some things on the blog? Great plan. Around Thanksgiving I finally got a phone that would let me join the Instagram revolution, so I’m using that instead of working the filters on my camera settings (that was probably more badass, though) and leaving them on my phone.

Kaleidoscopes and Birds [Pattern Play]

6 Dec

Guess who remembered she has a blog! That’d be me. Time to recap the pattern of the month progress.

November was kate spade’s month of kaleidoscope motifs, though in a passive aggressive move, I didn’t post about it because they didn’t bother to put together a mood board. If you don’t care, why should I?! was the reasoning. I really showed them. Nothing about it came anywhere close to the kaleidoscopic loveliness of the opening credits for “Auntie Mame.” That’s how you do kaleidoscopes, people!

[from here]

They are now on to December’s latest pattern, Birds over Arches, which sounds like a card hand to me. “Birds over Arches! Read ’em and weep!” They were actually going for deco-resort-elegant, and the whole feel does leave me wanting to jet off on a beachy getaway, or at least feeling entitled to pull out some of the nautical garb I associate with summer.

For those of you keeping score at home, these were not on the list!

Marcie and Me

11 Oct

I sat on this for a while but have a secret to spill. I, buyer of expensive bags, rented a handbag. That’s right, rented. In February, Bag Borrow or Steal (BBOS) reworked their Website. Beyond a cleaner layout, free standard shipping, free insurance and free membership, we all benefited that much more with 50% off rentals.

That combo was just the nudge I needed, after several years of being a non-renting member (and hating the name change from BBOS to Avelle, then mercifully back to BBOS), to try it myself. It was SO easy.

Well, it was easy beyond trying to decide which bag to rent. I nearly went with a cheap bag for a quick thrill, but then realized if they were doing 50% off, I should do it right. That’s when I found her, among the other Chloe handbags.

Her name was Marcie, and she was mine for a month. Yes, this $2,000 handbag was mine for what I normally spend on coffee in a month. Marcie happens to be a gorgeous bag without being an ostentatious bag. You really have to know your stuff to grasp the full wow factor. And sometimes, when I was walking around with her, I got this feeling like I was in on a tremendous secret. I pictured myself as one of the models in those the cosmetic commercials pulling a “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Not an impostor,  more a savvy little so-and-so. Like Reese Witherspoon who also knows what’s what on the Marcie front.

It has taken me many years and thousands of dollars to realize that each bag has that swoony honeymoon period of awesomeness, followed by my roving eye looking for what’s new and next. That is an expensive proposition in the handbag department. My friend, Haley, and I were discussing this and how rentals really could be the way forward to meet the shiny new need and the paying your bills need simultaneously.

In fact, after I rented Marcie, I spent a month with Marcie Tresse.

If you’re going to try it, help a sister out, and join using this link. Or here if you like to see where you’re headed:

Then Like Bag Borrow or Steal on Facebook to get your own heads up on discounted rental specials. Every now
and then you will see 20%-40% off on rentals or their Private Sale site.

Full disclosure: My good friend happens to be the Marketing Director for BBOS. Or maybe she’s not that good a friend since beyond telling me about the 50% off coming, she didn’t just give me carte blanche to choose whatever I wanted free. I kid, HB, I kid!

October Geometrics [Pattern Play]

9 Oct

Oh, hi not-quite-fall weather in Seattle. Great to have you! And hello to the latest kate spade pattern of the month, Geometrics! The colors featured this month are ultra fall, deep and dark, which I’m not ready since we’re still having sunny days. Though there is part of me that will get over the loss of sun for a chance to wear some of these new looks.

Looking back at the original guesses I’m not really sure what I was thinking — there were so many ultra specific options. But I did mention plaids and geometrics with abstracts, so guess who’s a winner? Uh, me. Move over Kreskin, I got this!

What are you loving from this month’s latest? My favorite dress, necklace, bracelet, bag and clutch are below.

ksny October Geometrics
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