Pattern Play

28 Jan

kate spade new york has declared 2012 to be the Year of Pattern. That seems pretty logical on the heels of 2011’s Year of Color.  Now, perhaps it reflects a lull in my personal life or my voracious curiosity, but lately I have spent a fair amount of time pondering what comes after January’s pattern: stripes.

[photo via kate spade]

If you really think about it, you need quite a few distinct patterns to fill 12 months.  Beyond the brand go-to patterns that make up my top 3, it may not be as clear cut as you might expect.  Here are my guesses:

1. Stripes
2. Polka Dots
3. Floral
4. Animal Prints – Here’s where things get tricky. ksny is historically fond of animal prints, and it might be a wee bit difficult to fill the year without breaking them out. So I’ll start with Leopard.
5. Zebra
6. Giraffe
7. Tribal/ethnic
8. Abstraction -The bucket for all those randoms and geometrics
9. Plaid
10. Argyle
12. Tweed – This could be a stretch, but I guess you can say that this includes herringbone, houndstooth, etc.

What do you think? Am I close? Missing something completely obvious? Crazy for even wondering?


9 Responses to “Pattern Play”


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