Don Quixote [On The Town]

3 Feb

Last night my friend, Sarah, and I had the chance to attend the final dress rehearsal for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Don Quixote and a lecture beforehand with its choreographer, Alexei Ratmansky.  Having the insight and history from Ratmansky, who seems super young to be pulling off these huge productions, really added to the experience.

Photo © Angela Sterling

The scene above was incredible – all of those bullfighters with their twirling pink and gold capes, the maids with their varied blue aprons. It occurred to me that I have maybe been reading blogs too long when I sat in my seat thinking, “Oh, this would make a great color palette inspo.” That was followed closely by, “hmmm, those girls’ costumes are really similar to my living room palette.”

© Angela Sterling

The sets, the costumes, every last step was grand. I have yet to find a picture (that I feel like I can use without getting sued) that does justice to Dulcinea’s dream forest set. It elicited gasps from the audience as the curtain raised. So pretty!

© Angela Sterling

It was a new experience watching and hearing as they iron out the last minute details. From curtain failures to finding out this was only the second time they had rehearsed with the orchestra, it all seemed a bit unreal that opening would come tonight. It should be great! My favorite directions:

  • “Tom [Skerritt], move to center stage!…The Center…Line up with the conductor.”
  • “Chelsea, look interested. Put down your knitting.”

One Response to “Don Quixote [On The Town]”

  1. Selina February 4, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Love this post. I have been known to take pics of the TV with my iPhone when I see a nice color palette. :”)

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