Kate Spade Band Aid [On The Town]

23 Feb

OK, that’s not really true. I just showed up and watched the band, Vivian Girls, as part of the kate spade Florence Broadhurst Tour last night at Nordstrom. I was pretty jazzed to get out and meet Deborah Lloyd, ksny Creative Director (and CEO Craig Leavitt – bonus).

Let it be known ’round the world that Deborah Lloyd is absolutely charming and engaging, and most execs could learn a thing or two from her easy way with customers/fans. While flattered by my kudos on helming a wonderful brand refresh that has brought kate spade back in a huge way in just a few years, she deflected it genuinely with the classic “working with a great team” answer. Oh, and she has really great hair, proving you don’t have to chop your locks as you move past your 30’s.

Here’s the deal, though, I hate meeting people when they’re “appearing” at some special event or occasion. I become an awkward, bumbling weirdo who just wants to run away, somehow relieving the celeb of the burden of talking to me. Funny that, since I ask questions and talk to strangers for a living.

[Look how unflattering!]

After the requisite bumbling through a photo op with the aforementioned truly-great-and-lovely Deborah Lloyd, Haley and I watched the Vivian Girls’ set. OK, I watched and enjoyed their set, while Haley ended up shopping and buying a Free People dress. It kind of transported me back to a time when I used to listen to Alright, This Time Just The Girls on repeat.

I’m not going to lie, I did spend some time wondering what I should wear. Should I bust out one of my big-gun kate spade necklaces? Stick to the black and white and neon all over color theme (that LOTS of people adopted)? In the end, I just wore something comfy and me. And at the last minute, Haley and I swapped our work bags. She got my Coach patent leather bag in exchange for her kate spade/current elliott westward adventurer satchel. While they have matching price tags, one seems the more obvious fit for a kate spade event. And it did draw quite a few comments/compliments. Thanks, HB!



2 Responses to “Kate Spade Band Aid [On The Town]”

  1. Haley April 11, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    My kate spade rental from work was timed well!

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