March Tennis Florals [Pattern Play]

9 Mar

It’s that time again! Pattern Play with kate spade ny. kate spade always lags a little in the swap to the new month’s pattern online, but I had been watching their Pinterest feed with some major (P)interest. All of the tennis pins were intriguing me – could it be an all tennis month? No, friends, March is tennis-lawn-florals month. Duh.

Florals made it to the original list. They saved me with last month’s Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral month. It seems a little wrong for me to skate through with so many wins based on my generic floral when they’re going so ultra-specific on me month after month. Maybe I can pretend that my finger was on the pulse with the ladies-who-tennis-lunch fabric find last month? Yes, that works? Great! Another point for me. Enjoy this special month, Sarah R!



One Response to “March Tennis Florals [Pattern Play]”

  1. Sarah R March 12, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    My heart swoons!

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