Neon Dreams [Let’s Party]

30 Mar
I have been waiting to share more stories from my “party all the time” Texas trip until the mastermind of the last party had a chance to blog about it. You can read more and see more at Selina’s blog. She’s far too kind to me in her post. But those of you who know me, know it’s all true and more. I kid. (appropriate emoticon).
It was great to work on a party with Selina in person. Usually, because of distance, I act as a sounding board for her creative process and chime in ideas over the phone or via email and IM. This time around I had a chance to get creative and put in some late nights making things.
Oh, and shop! A lot. Here are some of my favorites for your next neon party or any other affair:
  •  Artist Tape is my new best friend. It helps me understand why people are so fond of washi tape, even if it still seems incredibly overpriced. Pro Tape Artist Tape is a low-tack, repositionable tape was great for everything–favors, banners, food labels, you name it–for not a lot of money. I picked up fluorescent pink, yellow and metallic gold at Blick here in Seattle, but you can find it a million places online.

Metallic Tape

  • Michaels has jumbo clothespins in their $1-$3 aisle that caught my eye immediately. Plus, Selina has a known love for and creativity with clothespins. They had to be included. Selina slapped some tape on them, and they became the base for the dessert table and champagne bar signs. I’ve since made another friend buy one for a baby shower sign. Get one!

[Note: This was a strictly glass-flute affair, so I’m not sure how to explain that plastic cup in the background]

  • While you’re at Michaels or JoAnn, hit up the seasonal aisle for the world’s most perfect cake pop or dessert-on-a-stick displays. Seek out the seasonal picks that are in little open boxes with styrofoam. If necessary, wrangle and rearrange their displays nicely and neatly, then ask politely if you can have the now-extras. Take those bad boys home, unfold them, spray adhesive the outside, slap on the paper of your choice, cut down and reassemble. Wrap styrofoam insert like a present, poke holes with ice pick. Boom.
  • Flagging tape and stake/marking flags from the hardware store are clutch. I’ve just discovered a fancy flagging tape artist while pulling photos for this post, if you’d like some inspiration. At any rate, Lowe’s is probably your best one-stop shop since they have orange and pink and orange flagging tape and pink and white flags in stock. My gripe about both Lowe’s and The Home Depot is they don’t stock yellow flagging tape, neon or otherwise. I eventually found some yellow tape at Harbor Freight. Because who doesn’t shop at Harbor Freight for bridal showers?


  • If you have time on your side and/or a different color palette, try Tape Brothers or Gempler’s for rainbow colors and even patterns like polka dots, stripes and checkerboard. Your guess is as good as mine what pink and white polka dots signify in the universal tape meanings, like electrical, sewer, etc.
  • I also just discovered stake whiskers. Wow. Turn that upside down and you have a readymade tassel.


3 Responses to “Neon Dreams [Let’s Party]”

  1. Selina March 31, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Awesome finds, Sarah!!!! I think I was most proud of your flag idea. 😀 Now I will have to walk the aisles of Lowe’s every time I throw a party!!!!

  2. Selina March 31, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    Who brought that plastic cup???? 😐

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