June Paisley Parade [Pattern Play]

7 Jun

Well, well, well…it’s June. Actually, it’s Junuary here in Seattle, the annual period of weather-induced heartbreak and last minute vacations.  After a few sunny days that look like they will last, temperatures drop back down into the 50’s, and the rain starts up again. Drat.

Contrast that with the always-sunny world of kate spade, where it’s a Persian Paisley Parade!

There are so many things to love in their inspirations. What girl hasn’t wanted, at some point, to be like Talitha Getty jetsetting from one casbah to the next, rocking a serious kaftan?! Add a layer of Clash rock to that, and you’ve got a solid recipe for good times. It certainly makes me want to head to Morocco or some other exotic locale.

As far as the guesses go, I can’t twist this month to fit any of my prints. It’s a little sad I didn’t think to include it considering the insane love affair I’ve had with paisley forever.


One Response to “June Paisley Parade [Pattern Play]”

  1. Selina June 7, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    a paisley camel?? what!?! I kind of need. i’m pretty upset, too. some of the new jewelry would have looked awesome with my bridesmaid sari.

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