Crowning Glory [Crafty]

12 Sep

Surely I’m not the only one who from time to time thinks, “mama needs a headdress!” Crazy statement head wear has been calling out to me lately, and due to what seems to be the universe’s signal to act now, I think I’m going to make something happen this weekend.

flash mob

Today on Oh Joy! I saw a link to the new couture collection, Black Label. There was a pom pom headband explosion that took me straight back a couple weeks to the KEXP/Bumbershoot Music Lounge performance by Niki and the Dove that I’d seen.

Malin was rocking this silk floral headdress that made my heart skip a beat. To the soundtrack of their set, I sat in the front row gawking and wondering how/when I could make one for myself. The issue of when I would ever wear it was secondary. (Any suggestions you have on that front would be greatly appreciated.)

It just so happens I have a million (100) leftover yarn poms I made for a friend’s baby shower sitting in a box just waiting for a new purpose. See some below in all their furry blurry glory. Their time has come!


2 Responses to “Crowning Glory [Crafty]”

  1. Nissa September 12, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Oh, Sarah! You always know how to make me LOL! That was your best opener yet!

    1. Concerts (Do the youngin’s still call them that?)
    2. Any event/special occassion, such as–oh, like BABY SHOWERS (Hint, hint!)

    • Virtuous Wrongdoing September 12, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

      Ha! Yes, as in touch as I am with the whippersnapper set, I do believe they’re still “concerts” or “shows,” and I could probably make that happen. Even with my crazy accessories, I’m not sure I’m that bold, though.

      This baby shower suggestion. Now that’s something with people I know and who know what they’re getting into with me — that could definitely work.

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