Marcie and Me

11 Oct

I sat on this for a while but have a secret to spill. I, buyer of expensive bags, rented a handbag. That’s right, rented. In February, Bag Borrow or Steal (BBOS) reworked their Website. Beyond a cleaner layout, free standard shipping, free insurance and free membership, we all benefited that much more with 50% off rentals.

That combo was just the nudge I needed, after several years of being a non-renting member (and hating the name change from BBOS to Avelle, then mercifully back to BBOS), to try it myself. It was SO easy.

Well, it was easy beyond trying to decide which bag to rent. I nearly went with a cheap bag for a quick thrill, but then realized if they were doing 50% off, I should do it right. That’s when I found her, among the other Chloe handbags.

Her name was Marcie, and she was mine for a month. Yes, this $2,000 handbag was mine for what I normally spend on coffee in a month. Marcie happens to be a gorgeous bag without being an ostentatious bag. You really have to know your stuff to grasp the full wow factor. And sometimes, when I was walking around with her, I got this feeling like I was in on a tremendous secret. I pictured myself as one of the models in those the cosmetic commercials pulling a “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Not an impostor,  more a savvy little so-and-so. Like Reese Witherspoon who also knows what’s what on the Marcie front.

It has taken me many years and thousands of dollars to realize that each bag has that swoony honeymoon period of awesomeness, followed by my roving eye looking for what’s new and next. That is an expensive proposition in the handbag department. My friend, Haley, and I were discussing this and how rentals really could be the way forward to meet the shiny new need and the paying your bills need simultaneously.

In fact, after I rented Marcie, I spent a month with Marcie Tresse.

If you’re going to try it, help a sister out, and join using this link. Or here if you like to see where you’re headed:

Then Like Bag Borrow or Steal on Facebook to get your own heads up on discounted rental specials. Every now
and then you will see 20%-40% off on rentals or their Private Sale site.

Full disclosure: My good friend happens to be the Marketing Director for BBOS. Or maybe she’s not that good a friend since beyond telling me about the 50% off coming, she didn’t just give me carte blanche to choose whatever I wanted free. I kid, HB, I kid!


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