Who are you?

I’m Sarah, a regular 9-t0-5 office jockey with a staunch appreciation of the finer things and dreams of a grander life. I have been taking life cues from the unflappable Auntie Mame and trying to “Live! Live! Live!” for quite some time now. To that end, you can usually find me on the town, shopping it up, indulging my inner magpie’s quest for shiny things, and plotting my next (mis)adventure with friends.

Why Virtuous Wrongdoing?

“For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous.”

It’s a little bit of fortune cookie wisdom I picked up several years ago. To me, Virtuous Wrongdoing sounded pretty fun. If you plug it into your favorite search, I’m not the only one who grabbed this bon mot out of his/her fortune cookie and saved it. Some just took it down a far more philosophical road than I.



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