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Baby Love [Let’s Party]

26 Apr

Readers of the blog will recall my good friend and party accomplice, Selina. She is the party planner extraordinaire who has thrown a party for pretty much everyone and every occasion. Happily, Selina is expecting just added now has (sorry, this has been a draft since December) an adorable addition to her little family! Something that fantastic has to be celebrated in a manner befitting a party pro.


Her twin sister, Anissa, our intrepid party coordinator and I set out planning months in advance. My first mood boards reflected the ethnic looks that Selina loves, but we landed at more of a nouveau country mix of pinks, hearts and doilies. And elephants, because who doesn’t love elephants? Pretty, traditional with a twist.

For me, the twist came in the form of ombre vinyl heart walls. If I had a dollar for every time I tried to explain that concept to blankly confused faces, I’d have a lot of dollars. A lot. Now I have a kinda blurry photo, and that really helps. It was overwhelmingly lovely in person, just take my word for it.


I started cutting the hearts on the Silhouette, but there was far too much waste of precious vinyl resources (2 Silhouette pinks and a pink Contact paper). It wasn’t long before I was hand tracing and cutting the hearts to double what I could get out of the rolls. It was definitely worth the hand cutting and application straight off my red-eye flight.


Just to spread the love around, I set my Mom to work creating coffee filter flowers. I dyed a Costco-sized sleeve of them and popped them in the mail to make her task a little easier. She worked for at least a month folding, stapling and fluffing until she had two trash bags full of lovely pink blooms.

They were fashioned into a heart-shaped welcome wreath, giant heart over the dessert table and a lighted garland over the fireplace.

welcome wreathpuff heart


We got busy spray-chalking hearts along the path to the door the day-of, and I also decided we needed a heart welcome mat for the front door. Again, Mom to the rescue. It hardly seemed right to me to pack it in my suitcase, so I sent my Mom to IKEA for a mat that she set to work prettying up. Honestly, the front door became the best spot for photo ops!

heart pathheart mat

The morning of, my sister and I ended up making a swag of ombre pink streamers to cover the entry way. All the staple-gunning was enough to terrify the kids and the dogs, but I think the final awesome effect made it worth all the tears, whether the photos do it justice or not.


What I thought was a sure sign of success, Selina wanted to take home the mat, wreath and giant heart to welcome her sweet baby home for real. Since the shower, the welcome wreath and mat have greeted visitors to the nursery. And, this past weekend, all of the decor was pulled out and used again for her baby dedication. A neighbor then spotted the coffee filter flowers and has claimed them for a future party of her own!


Crowning Glory [Crafty]

12 Sep

Surely I’m not the only one who from time to time thinks, “mama needs a headdress!” Crazy statement head wear has been calling out to me lately, and due to what seems to be the universe’s signal to act now, I think I’m going to make something happen this weekend.

flash mob

Today on Oh Joy! I saw a link to the new couture collection, Black Label. There was a pom pom headband explosion that took me straight back a couple weeks to the KEXP/Bumbershoot Music Lounge performance by Niki and the Dove that I’d seen.

Malin was rocking this silk floral headdress that made my heart skip a beat. To the soundtrack of their set, I sat in the front row gawking and wondering how/when I could make one for myself. The issue of when I would ever wear it was secondary. (Any suggestions you have on that front would be greatly appreciated.)

It just so happens I have a million (100) leftover yarn poms I made for a friend’s baby shower sitting in a box just waiting for a new purpose. See some below in all their furry blurry glory. Their time has come!

Faux Bro Necklace [Magpie Indulgences]

11 Apr

kate spade may have moved on to Poolside Prints from Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral month, but I was still living the FloBro dream when I made this necklace. It’s my budget version of the Japanese Floral Necklace.

Seeing it on the Website, it didn’t seem like much; seeing it in person, I was enthralled. But, also having seen it in person, it was not where I wanted to spend $178. “Cotton pearls” is code for painted wood beads, and there wasn’t any of the ksny bling that usually sucks me in.

Before I could spray paint a bag of wooden beads from Michaels, I happened upon these ultra cheap plastic pearl necklace sets at Sam Moon in Houston. JoAnn had large enough bead caps that somewhat mimicked the style from the original (and were only $4 for a bag of 16, versus $1 each for a lesser style at the bead shop). A coat of black paint later, we were in business. It was as simple as stringing the little pearl sandwiches onto the ribbon. You should make one – it’s so easy!


  • Large pearl beads, 25 or so if they are about 1″ in size
  • Metal Bead Caps, 2 per bead (Blue Moon Beads Fashion Findings BM26556)
  • 1/4″ Grosgrain Ribbon – 3 yards just to be safe
  • 1″ Grosgrain Ribbon – 1/3 yard
  • Needle with large enough eye to thread ribbon (Size/No. 24/26)
  • Optional: Garden Glove or other grippy item to pull that darn needle through the beads


  1. Spray paint  bead caps – front and back, let dry between each coat and very well before stringing
  2. Tie a basic knot at one end of narrow grosgrain ribbon
  3. Thread other end of ribbon through needle
  4. Start alternately threading bead cap, bead, bead cap – This is where you might need your grippy gloves to muscle the ribbon that has doubled over in the eye through the bead
  5. Tie a knot as close to the last bead cap as possible. Grosgrain ribbon is fairly easy to manipulate and chunky enough to mask some clumsy knots. If it’s not working for you, watch this for tips or search “pearl knotting”
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you get a length that will fit over your head when tied (tie ends loosely to test)
  7. Tie ends in knot and cut off any remaining ribbon
  8. Heat seal the ends using matches or lighter. FrayCheck or clear nail polish would probably work, too
  9. Use wide ribbon to create simple bow over the knotted ends, heat seal edges of bow to prevent fraying
  10. Enjoy!
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