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February is the new January

2 Feb

This year I went a little crazy with the New Year’s Resolutions.  It seemed like I might be trying to make up for years of not even bothering to make or follow any sort of resolution with a laundry list of fresh mandates.  Like most Resolvers, I started off like a champ, stringently adhering to my new life rules, gradually let up mid-month (rules are made to be broken, right?), and was completely disregarding most by month’s end.

But in 2012, I’m not letting myself off that easy.  Time to pull out the list and revisit how to make it work. So how did I do in January?

  • Lose Weight & Cut Carbs – OK, I totally slipped on this, but I can still say I’m down 10 pounds and 8 inches since mid-December, even with extra poundage gained during Texas-style holidays.
  • Lunch out once per week – This one started fairly well. Then it became lunch out until the money dries up. Then it became lunch out and over budget. Pitfall of being wildly popular and fun to be with. Do over!
  • Save an extra $200 per month – DONE!
  • Go full-on kate spade retro-funky (ksrf). This is probably the most popular of my resolutions among friends and family. I had most of the pieces in my wardrobe, but I just needed to step it up to be like the adorable models in their ads and on their site! I’ve had quite a few compliments on my styling lately, so I’m going to say it’s right on track
  • Budget $200 for goodies. This was not very clearly outlined originally. At some point it became $200 on clothing. Then it became a failure no matter how you sliced it. Perhaps my subconscious was at work when it ended up so far from the ksrf bubble above. There might be a closet shopping challenge on my horizon.
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