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Kaleidoscopes and Birds [Pattern Play]

6 Dec

Guess who remembered she has a blog! That’d be me. Time to recap the pattern of the month progress.

November was kate spade’s month of kaleidoscope motifs, though in a passive aggressive move, I didn’t post about it because they didn’t bother to put together a mood board. If you don’t care, why should I?! was the reasoning. I really showed them. Nothing about it came anywhere close to the kaleidoscopic loveliness of the opening credits for “Auntie Mame.” That’s how you do kaleidoscopes, people!

[from here]

They are now on to December’s latest pattern, Birds over Arches, which sounds like a card hand to me. “Birds over Arches! Read ’em and weep!” They were actually going for deco-resort-elegant, and the whole feel does leave me wanting to jet off on a beachy getaway, or at least feeling entitled to pull out some of the nautical garb I associate with summer.

For those of you keeping score at home, these were not on the list!


October Geometrics [Pattern Play]

9 Oct

Oh, hi not-quite-fall weather in Seattle. Great to have you! And hello to the latest kate spade pattern of the month, Geometrics! The colors featured this month are ultra fall, deep and dark, which I’m not ready since we’re still having sunny days. Though there is part of me that will get over the loss of sun for a chance to wear some of these new looks.

Looking back at the original guesses I’m not really sure what I was thinking — there were so many ultra specific options. But I did mention plaids and geometrics with abstracts, so guess who’s a winner? Uh, me. Move over Kreskin, I got this!

What are you loving from this month’s latest? My favorite dress, necklace, bracelet, bag and clutch are below.

ksny October Geometrics

September Polka Dots [Pattern Play]

11 Sep

Now that I’ve posted on something other than the pattern of the month, I can post about the pattern of the month! Polka Dots. Talk about a shoe-in from the original guesses.

I like to think I’m not the only one who was feeling meh about the last Garance Dore collaboration. This was the first month that the new pattern was switched before the month was out (it was announced 8/30) versus a week or so into the month.  Or maybe it’s just that it’s such a classic.

Are any of the new wares calling out to you? The on the dot necklace and the bauble dot long necklace will likely end up in my collection.

August Illustrative Prints [Pattern Play]

21 Aug

kate spade’s latest pattern of the month is a Garance Dore partnership full of Parisian references and Illustrative Prints.

Meh. Perhaps my joie de vivre is busted, but there’s a reason I let this go for a couple weeks before bothering to address it. Something is just not connecting with me in all this. I don’t really even feel like trying to link it to anything on my original guess list.

Safe to day I won’t be lining up for a croissant coin purse. The regular Rainey and Kimberly dresses are pretty darn cute, though they don’t feature illustrations.

July Abstracts [Pattern Play]

10 Jul

July has presented us with kate spade’s latest pattern of the month, Artfully Abstract Prints!

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Straight up, no playing or twisting required – abstract prints were on my original guess list.

The whole new collection is right up my alley. Though the same could be said of all the past months’ new releases as well. But that bag reminds me of this blouse from anthro that I’ve just about worn to death, and those bracelets and their sister necklace are seriously blowing my mind.

Thanks for not asking how this all ties into my shopping resolution. Um, yeah, there’s that…

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