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Weekend Warrrior [On the Road]

17 May

Hey, strangers! Well, I guess I’ve been the stranger. The past few weekends I have been away or busy. First to Texas for a friend’s awesome/beautiful/superfun wedding, then to Sonoma for a friend’s boozy birthday weekend, then enjoying the sun in Seattle.

I’ll show you some pictures to make up for my absence. Fair trade? Sweet!


Sterling Express [Let’s Party]

11 Mar

Just what was I doing in Texas? Mostly this girl wants to party all the time, and that’s just what I did. My nephew, Sterling, was turning the big 2 and celebrating it with a train-themed birthday party, so that was priority #1 upon landing.

My sister, Kelly, did a ton to get things started, then called in a bit of an SOS to me and Selina as the party got closer and she got sicker with the flu. Let me mention she is a 7-month-pregnant doctor with a successful medical practice and a toddler, so what she did pre-SOS was that much more impressive. She started with some awesome printable invites from etsy. These ticket/train invites set the tone for the party, though it was not a Thomas the Tank Engine affair.

From there, she put her Silhouette to work to make a great train engine and car birthday banner,  insanely cute train tickets and tented train food cards. Food-wise, she dragged me out shopping, a little zombiefied after my red eye flight. We decided that Oreo pops and Rice Krispie pops were  must haves, as well as kid-friendly finger foods. Bring on the bagel bites and pigs in blankets!

Moeller’s Bakery in Houston makes awesome cakes that will melt your brain a little. OK, maybe just your willpower and heart. But the petit fours definitely would move you to do crazy things–rob a bank, kick a puppy. What I don’t love is their decorating of said cakes. When we picked ours up, it was a little underwhelming. More than one person asked (pre-taste) if we had made the cake ourselves, surely because the writing was so amateurish.

More Silhouette and Selina to the rescue! We decided to mimic the birthday train banner in miniature form to spruce up the cake. The last thing my sister wanted was me and Selina near the Silhouette a couple hours before the party, but that’s what she ended up with. We tend to egg each other on in true maximalist crafting style.

  • Selina: What do you think of a little cloud coming out of the engine? Maybe if it had a 2?
  • Me: Yes!! I had wanted white balloon “steam” coming out of the train-style food display that Kelly vetoed. What if it said like, two-two, you know, like a train sounds?
  • Kelly: What are you two doing in there? We don’t have much time. Put the Silhouette away.
  • Selina/Me: Nuhhh-thing! *conspiratorial smiles*

Our projects did last a little longer than planned, but I think that was partly owing to the fact that Kelly’s Silhouette blades and mats had seen better days, and the replacements were still lost in the mail. Selina took over paper duties while I started dipping Oreo pops. We ran out of time for Rice Krispie pops and my Sterling Crossing sign, but the world kept turning.
Most party-goers were probably more impressed with the train that took everyone on magical journeys around the block, but we were pretty jazzed with the decor.
Oh, and on the fashion front, I made sure to match my attire to the party via my new Jason Wu for Target dress and a borrowed necklace from my sister’s closet.

Gone to Texas [On the Road]

27 Feb

This is a little like my Gone Fishin’ sign to let you know that I’m back home in Texas for the week. Which is another way of saying I’m having lots of family and friend time, eating way more TexMex than a person should and enjoying dry weather (for now).

I’ll have to update you on all the latest goings on–crafting and parties, mostly–in a bit.

Portland Weekender [On The Road]

8 Feb

Last Friday I decided to visit two three of my favorite people, Allie and Jared and Emma, in Portland. For several years, we had a great Super Bowl tradition going, but somehow we missed it last year and were about to miss it this year. Then, at the last minute, I got the call to resurrect the good times this Sunday. Plus I was long overdue for a visit.

I drove up on Friday after work, and instead of the crazy times we once shared until the wee hours (see 7, 8, 10, 11, 14,16), I was just as tired as these new parents. I attempted Pinterest in bed (sad?) but was out within minutes.

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind of errand-running and shopping for an exciting blog series that Allie has coming up. For me, I just plain love shopping, so you can drag me anywhere and I will be happy as can be. Just try me, I can find something to buy anywhere – hence the 2012 shopping resolution! Anyway, loved this moment below after we got back. Just a little mother-daughter DIY.

Sunday we fit in some more shopping, lounging and a family walk before the main event. None of us were into the game, but we were certainly into the food. You just can’t go wrong with wings and deep fried oreos. OK, so I just have the sauce on my Morningstar Chik’n Nuggets, but I tell myself it’s the exact same wing experience. Regardless of the food, it’s always a good time! Thanks, Shellaways!

(Hope all those links weren’t too annoying but they fit!)

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