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Tabletop Shop [On The Town]

17 Sep

It’s sometimes hard having a love affair with tableware. (Oooohhh, a rhyme!) You often can’t even convince your friends to attend free events like the DIFFA Tabletalk Design Seminar at Masin’s Furniture in Bellevue. I tried to no avail, so flew solo and had an interesting afternoon the other weekend.

 [Happy Tobi – not for long!]

It started off a little awkwardly with me coming in a couple minutes late, being greeted by a perfectly nice seeming woman in a conservative black suit who said simply, “Hi.” I replied, “Hi, I’m here to check in for the tabletop event.” Conservatively-suited woman responded, “I’m Tobi Fairley.” Oopsie. I’d just tried to check in with the guest of honor. Search “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” to see Tobi’s accompanying facial reaction.

I tried to hang back after that, you know, become invisible. Tobi spoke more about her redesign of the Masin’s front entry than her tabletop for the previous night’s event, so it seems fitting that I include a shot of the bookshelf she styled.

Mindy Lockard, an etiquette expert and writer of The Gracious Girl blog spoke about table etiquette, etc. She was approachable, interesting and provided a good recap of those etiquette dinners from college. All that while wearing an awesome dress with killer heels. Definitely check out her blog.

The seminar wrapped up with Kathy Greeley- designer, hostess, author and southern lady. Oh, and what I want I now want to be when I grow up. She was promoting her new book, The Collected Tabletop. It sounded a bit like she got shortchanged in the supplies stakes when it came to producing her table, but she made it work. As she explained how she borrowed pieces, she introduced me to an antique shop I didn’t know in Bellevue, Haystacks Antiques.

Immediately after leaving the event I headed to the Haystacks Pop-Up Shop and then to the original location. At the Pop-Up shop I found these awesome vintage glasses. They have a gilt, sorta Eastern motif that’s a little difficult to photograph, obviously. At the original location I found a set of 10 pressed glass dessert plates that will coordinate nicely with a lot of other pieces in my collection. Sold! Sold! Sold!


Whaddya think? Did I choose wisely? Who am I kidding…I don’t care if you think I did or not because I’m in love, but what is your weakness when you hit the antiques shops?


Yum! Luck [On The Town]

1 Jun

Last night I stumbled upon a sweet happening at Madewell in University Village – Molly Moon’s book signing! This was especially awesome because 1) I had no idea MM had a book and 2) free ice cream sundaes and sorbet cocktails.

  • Not just any sundae – a chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup topped with fresh whipped cream, sprinkled with bee pollen sugar sundae
  • Not just any sorbet cocktail – the Suzie Bee cocktail ( see recipe below)

After a particularly busy and expensive series of book signings this fall, I had sworn them off and decided not to feel obliged to buy the books, just listen to the authors. Well, that went straight out the window last night. TIP: If you’re an author thinking about how to make the most of book signings, offer ice cream sundaes. Duh. Failing that, approach a shopper who may not even be there for your signing and compliment her necklace. After a little mutual adoration society banter back and forth, she will more than likely buy your book.

Bonus cute factoid – I can really appreciate Molly’s commitment to a color. She chose her turquoise necklace and her Sharpie to match the molly moon blue!

The book signing tour continues for a while – maybe you can catch Molly on one of her next stops.

Kate Spade Band Aid [On The Town]

23 Feb

OK, that’s not really true. I just showed up and watched the band, Vivian Girls, as part of the kate spade Florence Broadhurst Tour last night at Nordstrom. I was pretty jazzed to get out and meet Deborah Lloyd, ksny Creative Director (and CEO Craig Leavitt – bonus).

Let it be known ’round the world that Deborah Lloyd is absolutely charming and engaging, and most execs could learn a thing or two from her easy way with customers/fans. While flattered by my kudos on helming a wonderful brand refresh that has brought kate spade back in a huge way in just a few years, she deflected it genuinely with the classic “working with a great team” answer. Oh, and she has really great hair, proving you don’t have to chop your locks as you move past your 30’s.

Here’s the deal, though, I hate meeting people when they’re “appearing” at some special event or occasion. I become an awkward, bumbling weirdo who just wants to run away, somehow relieving the celeb of the burden of talking to me. Funny that, since I ask questions and talk to strangers for a living.

[Look how unflattering!]

After the requisite bumbling through a photo op with the aforementioned truly-great-and-lovely Deborah Lloyd, Haley and I watched the Vivian Girls’ set. OK, I watched and enjoyed their set, while Haley ended up shopping and buying a Free People dress. It kind of transported me back to a time when I used to listen to Alright, This Time Just The Girls on repeat.

I’m not going to lie, I did spend some time wondering what I should wear. Should I bust out one of my big-gun kate spade necklaces? Stick to the black and white and neon all over color theme (that LOTS of people adopted)? In the end, I just wore something comfy and me. And at the last minute, Haley and I swapped our work bags. She got my Coach patent leather bag in exchange for her kate spade/current elliott westward adventurer satchel. While they have matching price tags, one seems the more obvious fit for a kate spade event. And it did draw quite a few comments/compliments. Thanks, HB!


Kate Spade Tour – Seattle Details!

15 Feb

Just call me the tour guide! I stopped into kate spade to get some more info about next week’s tour stop here in Seattle. Curiosity was really getting the better of me.

Details aren’t fully fleshed out yet, according to the shop girls, but it sounds a little like this:

  • Wednesday – Tour bus in Westlake Park, preview of goodies in the bus store, Show + Meet & Greet with Deborah Lloyd and The Vivian Girls at Nordstrom 6-8 PM
  • Thursday – Tour bus in Westlake Park, bus store open
  • Friday & Saturday – Tour bus at Seattle Center, bus store open
Here’s a preview of some of the Japanese Floral goodies in store. Love!

And all of this to look forward to next week!!

[photo via kate spade]

SAM Gauguin [On The Town]

13 Feb

This past weekend, the girls and I had a chance to attend one of the opening receptions for the latest Seattle Art Museum special exhibition, Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise. I highly, highly recommend this exhibit!

[photo via SAM Soap

After some wine and apps, we sat down for a lecture by the exhibit’s co-curator, Chiyo Ishikawa. She helped set the stage for everything – time and effort to build the exhibit to the historical context of Gauguin’s background and what motivated the move to Polynesia to some tips to what to expect in the gallery. (You can pick up quite a bit of this with the exhibit notes and audio tour.)

I was all set to wear my usual arty black-on-black with some pops of color, but at the last minute, literally an hour and a half before I left the house, I found a screaming deal on a dress at Banana Republic that matched the invite and some pieces I had previewed online. As one friend pointed out a while back (maybe not as a compliment), I have a real commitment to color palettes. Which led to this:

[again, someone’s not a graphic designer!]

And for the probably one blog reader who doesn’t already know me, that’s me! I would post more pics of the girls if I didn’t think they would kill me. But you know how it goes, “Why did you post that picture of me?! I didn’t know you hate me.”

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