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A New Light

19 Mar

Cheating on a resolution never felt so good. This Saturday, before I got my green beer on, I stopped at west elm to get out of the snow. Yes, the St. Patrick’s Day snow storm. Bizarre. Good thing we all know west elm is the best refuge from freak weather conditions.

[photo via west elm]

Safe and warm and full of lighting bargains, like my new light, Finn! Ain’t (s)he a beaut? I walked in, spotted it, and its $399 price tag and kept moving-right around to the other side where I saw “SALE – $99.99.” To my mind, the tag might as well have said, “SOLD – Sarah.” Add a “we miss you” bonus 15% off, and we were in business! Get your own while they last for $149.99 on the Website.

Oh, and since this was a purchase for the home rather than a real me purchase, I’m feeling like maybe I didn’t cheat after all.


Fabric Fixation

21 Feb

True story: I’m addicted to fabric and textiles. It’s becoming a little more clear with the shopping resolution. Since I often need a quick hit of retail therapy and can’t spend a lot, fabric has become my friend. The crazier and throwbackier the better.

The phenomenon is not new–my mom used to take me and my sister on regular craft and fabric shopping jaunts as kids–it is just super-heightened of late. But where my mom could sew her way out of any MacGyver-like jam, I just collect fabric for the heck of it, thinking this will be the fabric that gets me to plug in the sewing machine.

I can’t stop myself from hitting up Walmarts in the hopes that they have not yet lost their fabric departments. Those tiny little corners are full of the best $1-$2 per yard gems found in forgotten foreign warehouses. Case in point these two lovelies I picked up this weekend for $1.50/yard.

It was useless trying to resist this oversize purple floral pattern. It was “Quality Fabric” from China that seemed anything but quality, but give me a break at $1.50. Sold!

Here’s a closeup and broader shot of a funky poly blend that seemed destined for a blouse. Hearts and spades that fit with the ksrf resolution. Again, Sold!

The weekend I was in Portland, Allie and I hit up Fabric Depot. Memories of their Yard Sale, sidewalk sale and clearance, were still vivid two years after we had been. Luckily for me, they had come to their senses and moved the Yard Sale indoors as a permanent feature/room. I picked up 2 yards of each of these fabrics at $2.50 per yard for projects TBD.

A funky blue and red ladies-who-tennis-club-it pattern? Um, duh. Sold!

The end cut of some oversize multi color floral fantasy? Cut it, lady!

A 100% silk polo/equestrian Ralph Lauren scarf lacking only some hems? Yeah, I’ll take that, too.

February is the new January

2 Feb

This year I went a little crazy with the New Year’s Resolutions.  It seemed like I might be trying to make up for years of not even bothering to make or follow any sort of resolution with a laundry list of fresh mandates.  Like most Resolvers, I started off like a champ, stringently adhering to my new life rules, gradually let up mid-month (rules are made to be broken, right?), and was completely disregarding most by month’s end.

But in 2012, I’m not letting myself off that easy.  Time to pull out the list and revisit how to make it work. So how did I do in January?

  • Lose Weight & Cut Carbs – OK, I totally slipped on this, but I can still say I’m down 10 pounds and 8 inches since mid-December, even with extra poundage gained during Texas-style holidays.
  • Lunch out once per week – This one started fairly well. Then it became lunch out until the money dries up. Then it became lunch out and over budget. Pitfall of being wildly popular and fun to be with. Do over!
  • Save an extra $200 per month – DONE!
  • Go full-on kate spade retro-funky (ksrf). This is probably the most popular of my resolutions among friends and family. I had most of the pieces in my wardrobe, but I just needed to step it up to be like the adorable models in their ads and on their site! I’ve had quite a few compliments on my styling lately, so I’m going to say it’s right on track
  • Budget $200 for goodies. This was not very clearly outlined originally. At some point it became $200 on clothing. Then it became a failure no matter how you sliced it. Perhaps my subconscious was at work when it ended up so far from the ksrf bubble above. There might be a closet shopping challenge on my horizon.
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