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Daylight Robbery [Shoptastic!]

3 Apr

Update: I took back that shirt dress and discovered that everything was now just a flat $6.99. So I price adjusted myself into one price $6.99 for everything below.

Friend, do yourself a favor and get to the nearest Sears/Lands’ End outpost pronto! They are running an extra 70% off sale items in store. Seriously. It’s not the first time I’ve made out like a bandit at one of these end of season Lands’ End clearances, but it’s one of my very best hauls to date.

I just make sure to style them ridiculously/a la Sarah so I don’t end up looking like my 63-year-old coworker who is also a huge fan of Lands’ End.

Check it:

Lands’ End Canvas – Waxed Cotton Coat – $39 (Orig. $180)

  • The jacket for living out all of my Barbour jacket/Ladies Who Hunt in the English countryside dreams! See you soon, Camilla! I’m addicted to military and olive drab jackets and coats. In this one, I picture myself like the ladies I see in my Beretta catalog (long story), but it’s really somewhere between that and the Canvas styling below. I’m not really a shorts with platform wedges and socks kinda gal.

Lands’ End Canvas – Classic Ballet Flat – Brushed Gold – $15

  • These are sold out online, but check your stores! I’m hoping these will be a worthy replacement for my Banana Republic gold flats that busted after one too many outings in the rain.

Lands’ End 3/4-sleeve Solid Poplin Shirtdress – $15 (Orig. $79.50)

  • It turns out I’m also obsessed with shirtdresses. They are sooo flattering! This one has a little bit of an elasticized waist, but it’s nothing tragic.

Lands’ End Cotton Cashmere Tie V-neck Cardigan – $15 (Orig. $69.50)

  • This is the sweater but not the color. It skates the line between seafoam and turquoise.


 Lands’ End Regular Ponte Twist Waist Dress- $19.50 (Orig. $90)

  • Wrap dresses, like shirtdresses, are just plain flattering. There’s no getting around it. This one is easy and comfy.


Splendor In The Grass [Shoptastic!]

22 Mar

My visit to kate spade in Pacific Place left me giddy and fighting the urge to kick off my shoes and dig in my toes! They had covered the floor in long-bladed artificial turf that truly made it feel like Spring had sprung.

[sausage feet full of joy!]

The perpetually-soggy sod here in Seattle makes it difficult to frolic footloose and fancy free, so this was a real treat. Apparently I’m still giddy and alliterative! You would be too if you had been there. If you have a kate spade in your town, do yourself a favor and go visit. The merchandising will surely bring a smile to your face.

Fabric Fixation

21 Feb

True story: I’m addicted to fabric and textiles. It’s becoming a little more clear with the shopping resolution. Since I often need a quick hit of retail therapy and can’t spend a lot, fabric has become my friend. The crazier and throwbackier the better.

The phenomenon is not new–my mom used to take me and my sister on regular craft and fabric shopping jaunts as kids–it is just super-heightened of late. But where my mom could sew her way out of any MacGyver-like jam, I just collect fabric for the heck of it, thinking this will be the fabric that gets me to plug in the sewing machine.

I can’t stop myself from hitting up Walmarts in the hopes that they have not yet lost their fabric departments. Those tiny little corners are full of the best $1-$2 per yard gems found in forgotten foreign warehouses. Case in point these two lovelies I picked up this weekend for $1.50/yard.

It was useless trying to resist this oversize purple floral pattern. It was “Quality Fabric” from China that seemed anything but quality, but give me a break at $1.50. Sold!

Here’s a closeup and broader shot of a funky poly blend that seemed destined for a blouse. Hearts and spades that fit with the ksrf resolution. Again, Sold!

The weekend I was in Portland, Allie and I hit up Fabric Depot. Memories of their Yard Sale, sidewalk sale and clearance, were still vivid two years after we had been. Luckily for me, they had come to their senses and moved the Yard Sale indoors as a permanent feature/room. I picked up 2 yards of each of these fabrics at $2.50 per yard for projects TBD.

A funky blue and red ladies-who-tennis-club-it pattern? Um, duh. Sold!

The end cut of some oversize multi color floral fantasy? Cut it, lady!

A 100% silk polo/equestrian Ralph Lauren scarf lacking only some hems? Yeah, I’ll take that, too.

Room & Board [Shoptastic!]

16 Feb

I had completely forgotten to share this exciting piece of info from last month that made me squeal. Seattle is getting our very own Room & Board! That’s right, be jealous. Come this fall, we will have 27,000 square feet of furniturey goodness to fawn over.

[image via village vibe]

I know this will spell trouble for me, but I don’t know just how much. What is your favorite Room & Board piece/splurge?

Catalog Surprises [Shoptastic!]

7 Feb

Lately some not-always-so-interesting brands have been digging deep and stepping things up. Cases in point: L.L. Bean Signature and Fossil. Their two most recent catalogs brought some major excitement to my mailbox.

[photo via L.L. Bean]

Check out the awesomeness that is this pair of wedges from L.L. Bean! They have their own heaping dose of awesome (in my book, at least) just by being wedges, but add a Native American motif and it’s a whole new ball game. Don’t you see a little hint of Cynthia Vincent cool?

[photos via Fossil]

As for Fossil, they keep releasing versions of their Ginger Tunic/Dress that make my heart squeal. Denim? Funky beetles? Tonal paisley? Wacky birds? With pockets to boot? Sign me up! Too bad they keep selling out online in no time flat.

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