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Happy New Year!

7 Jan

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s only a week in, so I can still get away with saying that. Hopefully you’re all on track for a fantastic 2013. Maybe you have some grand plans leading you in that direction? If so, please share. Personally, mine are a little wobbly. After about 3% luck keeping to my 2012 resolutions, I don’t think I will try for that again.


I did lay out some goals for myself and convey them to friends and coworkers in the hopes they would keep me honest. The shopping budget of 2012 went nowhere fast, so this year I just said that until I have worn all of my scarves, I can’t buy a new one. And in true junkie style, I went on a scarf-buying-binge in the ramp up to December 31.

I’d also like to stay creative and crafty outside of friends’ showers/parties. When I cast my mind back to  college and the days of pen pals, I used to do some really fun, creative stuff. I think I’ll get back into that with a joint goal of diversion and actually using some of my craft stash.

Speaking of stashes, I have a stash of, well, everything. I’m going to attempt to curb some of my maximalist tendencies. Hoarding starts somewhere, and I think I’m there.

Oh, and how about I do a better job of sharing all of these things?! Maybe I should share some things on the blog? Great plan. Around Thanksgiving I finally got a phone that would let me join the Instagram revolution, so I’m using that instead of working the filters on my camera settings (that was probably more badass, though) and leaving them on my phone.


Social Media Madness

5 Jun

Some events deserve celebration and observance. Think, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or the occasion of my 1,000th pin on Pinterest.

[the 1,000th pin]

Pinterest took a while to win me over, but then I was hooked. Social Media makes me dotty. For real. Some cases in point for your enjoyment:

  1. Pinemy – a term coined when I got irate about a pinner who was following one of my boards and repinning everything I pinned. A friend assured me I should be flattered (and also not care as deeply as I did), but it was to no avail.
  2. Dancing around a coworker’s office singing “If you like it then you shoulda put a pin in it” to the tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” after an especially busy pinning jag.
  3. I literally squealed the day I got an alert that Hutton Wilkinson (or his lackey) was following my pins. Same goes for Ron Woodson.

Here’s to 1,000 more pins!

Weekend Warrrior [On the Road]

17 May

Hey, strangers! Well, I guess I’ve been the stranger. The past few weekends I have been away or busy. First to Texas for a friend’s awesome/beautiful/superfun wedding, then to Sonoma for a friend’s boozy birthday weekend, then enjoying the sun in Seattle.

I’ll show you some pictures to make up for my absence. Fair trade? Sweet!


30 Mar

Bear with me folks. I feel like this is the blogging equivalent of walking down the hall with your tights tucked into your skirt. Or wait, the other way around. Skirt tucked into your tights. Or giving a presentation with a hunk of food in your teeth. WordPress, what are you doing to me! It’s just one of those mornings.

Update: You should now be able to see the neon dreams party post. I hope.

Work Force

29 Jan

One should never underestimate the importance of awesome co-workers.  What’s that now, I’m preaching to the choir?  Great, glad we’re on the same page.  I’ve been lucky to work with several who have made life bearable in the office and a few who have just plain made my life outside the office (you’ll hear more about them later).

Thursday night I met up with two MIA favorites, Kati and Lindsay, for happy hour at Cactus.  Kati is currently spending quality time on maternity leave with her new snuggle nugget, Elle.  And Lindsay left us for greener pastures at an Internet mega power.  Catching up was great, but it definitely make me miss the office dynamic we once enjoyed.  They’re both hilarious, smartypants, get-it-done gals who are willing to put up with me, a combo you don’t find every day.

I followed up drinks with a tardy showing at The Year in Pictures event sponsored by The Seattle Times and The Seattle Public Library Foundation.  Here in Seattle, we have an awesome newspaper (full disclosure: my employer that is in no way affiliated with this blog) and an equally awesome library system.  You never know what you’ll find in the way of entertainment at the library beyond the usual books, DVD’s and people watching.  In the past year they’ve had everyone from mogul Russell Simmons to freed political prisoner Ingrid Betancourt to husband-and-wife-author/musician-and-illustrator duo Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis.  Best of all, it’s free!!

So, Thursday’s event was a little like crack for photophiles and just plain interesting for everyone else, like me.  Getting to hear the stories behind the pictures adds a lot of depth.  Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but words are pretty awesome, too.  There was a good portion of the presentation devoted to the coverage of the Elwha Dam removal project, which you can check out in full here.  It was a little bit like this, with notes from the photographers about their shots and process.  Plus a discussion of how you take hours upon hours of video footage and edit it down to something like the trailer below that is really worth the click.

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