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Mementos of a Geisha [I Bought This]

10 Sep

I love to plan for any of life’s eventualities with clothes and decor. Lots of clothes and decor. You name it — old stuff, new stuff, cheap stuff, luxury stuff — I’m an equal opportunity acquirer of stuff. One day I might end up on Hoarders, minus the dead cats under my piles of junk.

Estate sales are a favorite (and dangerous) source of stuff most weekends. After a while you easily put aside the creepy realization that you’re rooting through some likely-dead person’s stuff. Though I sometimes wonder what people will think going through my stuff someday.

The other weekend I happened upon an estate sale that topped many in recent memory. Tucked away on a quiet street, not far from my house, was this mega treasure trove of eccentricity. The lady of the house fancied herself a modern day Japanese Empress. As such, she had a house built and decorated to her specifications, replete with all the Japaniana one split level could handle. Here are some photos from the listing, that prove professional real estate photographers can really make kooky look polished.

I was there on day 2 of the sale and missed most of the furniture and art. I did see tons of gorgeous kimonos, Japanese dolls, gewgaws and what had to be the Japanese version of the red room of pain. (No guest room should be blood red and cause such heebie-jeebies.) Forgive me, but I was too busy sprinting for the door to think to snap a shot of it.

Buzzing with the possibilities, I managed to settle on a 78-piece set of gold plated bamboo flatware, negotiated down to $65. That was also a screaming deal considering the only place I can find it is on Replacements, LTD.  from $7.99 per piece. It’s the sort of thing I’ll need when I start letting my eccentricities direct me (even more than they already do).


Absolutely Dotty Pt. 1 [Let’s Party]

20 Jul

This past weekend we had a chance to celebrate the engagement of my lovely friend Sarah to her awesome beau, Michael. Aren’t they just adorable?! They seem so happy together, and I can only wish them more in the future!

Our ever-generous friend Caitlin decided almost instantly upon hearing the news that it was cause for celebration.  The invites were chosen, the venue picked, the date set and I was given a chance to decorate!

Signature White Engagement Party Invitations Heartfelt Happiness - Front : Black

The venue was Black Bottle here in Seattle. The entire bar has this black and white, quasi-industrial aesthetic with double height ceilings that keep the black and metal accents from being oppressive. The private bar is fairly sparse and calling out for a big, graphic moment.

I set to work gathering inspiration and ideas based on the invite and the venue. Based on the invitation alone, I thought it was best to go with something black and white and graphic with pink heart accents and maybe a little kraft. I knew that Sarah was mindful of not being ultra feminine for a co-ed party, but black and white in an industrial space is pretty masculine and leaves room for a feminine touch of pink or hearts.


It wasn’t long before I decided on polka dots and stripes. I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been done before, but I was determined to make it my own.

I forced Caitlin out of her comfort zone a little bit with some DIY for the party, including these wine cork initials and the glitter heart cupcake picks.

Next post will have the who, how, where and buy of it all!

Splendor In The Grass [Shoptastic!]

22 Mar

My visit to kate spade in Pacific Place left me giddy and fighting the urge to kick off my shoes and dig in my toes! They had covered the floor in long-bladed artificial turf that truly made it feel like Spring had sprung.

[sausage feet full of joy!]

The perpetually-soggy sod here in Seattle makes it difficult to frolic footloose and fancy free, so this was a real treat. Apparently I’m still giddy and alliterative! You would be too if you had been there. If you have a kate spade in your town, do yourself a favor and go visit. The merchandising will surely bring a smile to your face.

Kate Spade Band Aid [On The Town]

23 Feb

OK, that’s not really true. I just showed up and watched the band, Vivian Girls, as part of the kate spade Florence Broadhurst Tour last night at Nordstrom. I was pretty jazzed to get out and meet Deborah Lloyd, ksny Creative Director (and CEO Craig Leavitt – bonus).

Let it be known ’round the world that Deborah Lloyd is absolutely charming and engaging, and most execs could learn a thing or two from her easy way with customers/fans. While flattered by my kudos on helming a wonderful brand refresh that has brought kate spade back in a huge way in just a few years, she deflected it genuinely with the classic “working with a great team” answer. Oh, and she has really great hair, proving you don’t have to chop your locks as you move past your 30’s.

Here’s the deal, though, I hate meeting people when they’re “appearing” at some special event or occasion. I become an awkward, bumbling weirdo who just wants to run away, somehow relieving the celeb of the burden of talking to me. Funny that, since I ask questions and talk to strangers for a living.

[Look how unflattering!]

After the requisite bumbling through a photo op with the aforementioned truly-great-and-lovely Deborah Lloyd, Haley and I watched the Vivian Girls’ set. OK, I watched and enjoyed their set, while Haley ended up shopping and buying a Free People dress. It kind of transported me back to a time when I used to listen to Alright, This Time Just The Girls on repeat.

I’m not going to lie, I did spend some time wondering what I should wear. Should I bust out one of my big-gun kate spade necklaces? Stick to the black and white and neon all over color theme (that LOTS of people adopted)? In the end, I just wore something comfy and me. And at the last minute, Haley and I swapped our work bags. She got my Coach patent leather bag in exchange for her kate spade/current elliott westward adventurer satchel. While they have matching price tags, one seems the more obvious fit for a kate spade event. And it did draw quite a few comments/compliments. Thanks, HB!


Room & Board [Shoptastic!]

16 Feb

I had completely forgotten to share this exciting piece of info from last month that made me squeal. Seattle is getting our very own Room & Board! That’s right, be jealous. Come this fall, we will have 27,000 square feet of furniturey goodness to fawn over.

[image via village vibe]

I know this will spell trouble for me, but I don’t know just how much. What is your favorite Room & Board piece/splurge?

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